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PicoTrack Coater Developers
We used standard PC based computers with Windows operating systems. Our controllers are Ethernet ready with optional SECs/GEM communication.

The system software is full featured, yet intuitive and easy to learn. Features include a user friendly GUI, unlimited process recipes, modern day connectivity, data capture, audit trails, report generation, maintenance calibration mode, and more.

Our systems are nicely packaged with precise fit and finish. The systems are modular making them easily configurable. This helps to provide process flexibility and to balance throughput.

Many of our designers are former Field Service engineers. Therefore access, serviceability and ease of maintenance are a big part of our design ‘care-abouts’.
In 2004, at the request of customers, PicoTrack introduced its very own brand of coater developers. Our tool designs were influenced by:
- Customer Inputs
- Economics (Price : Quality)
- Core Competence (Long SVG History)
- Benchmark of Leading OEMs

Since then, we’ve shipped 300 systems of various configurations throughout the world.
The PicoTrack brand incorporates some of the industry’s best practices. For example, our coaters and developers have random access robots for versatile process flow.

Our handling systems deploy dual end effectors for better thermal management and to increase throughput.

We offer vacuum paddles with backside contact or edge grip handlers with no backside contact.
We process typical semiconductor wafers as well as substrates of unusual shapes, weights, and material compositions.
Multiple wafer sizes with no hardware changes
(150mm and 200mm Centering)
We use only well know industry accepted brand name components leveraging their huge installed base, tribal knowledge, and reliability.

PicoTrack’s PCBs are made using modern day ‘off the shelf’ electrical components.
We stand behind the quality of our products providing our buyers with the industry’s best warranty. Any aspect of the track that we engineer and build is backed by a comprehensive three year warranty.

Like most track suppliers, we purchase certain components and peripheral. We use only established suppliers whose products are widely recognized as industry standard.

With an installed base of over 300 systems in the field, and with the industry's best warranty, you can rest assured that our coater developer tools are built to the highest standards.
Spinning Odd Shaped Substrates
Handler for Clear Wafers
Spinning a Frame Mounted Wafer
Odd Substrates are Not a problem for PicoTrack!
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