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Laboratory Spin Coaters
PicoTrack manufactures a complete line of specialty substrate spinners perfect for FABs, R&D Labs, Re-work Areas, and Universities.
Just one spin station or multiple spin stations can reside within a single cabinet. The spin modules can be Coaters, Developer, and any combination.

These systems are manually loaded and unloaded, but the processing component is completely automated.
Spin Module
The Spin Station is stepper motor driven for accurate and repeatable spin speeds.
Coaters are equipped with multiple resist dispenses.  Dispense is by moving arm dispense hardware.  Our dispense arm can accommodate up to 5 dispenses plus edge bead removal. 
There is backside wash for keeping the wafer backside clear of resist.  The coater bowl is designed to prevent splash back splatter and it's equipped with an insitu cleaning function.  Cups can be easily removed for deep cleaning.
We also offer specialty substrate coating technologies such as point of use Syringe Dispense, Spay Coating, and SOD/SOG/specialty dispense systems.
Example - PicoTrack Dual Developer mini spin track system made for a University that needs to process 2", 3", 4" and 6" substrates.
Precise substrate centering is accomplished by an automated centering system that can be set to accommodate multiple wafer sizes.
PC Base Controller with GUI is intuitive and easy to use. The controller offers all the features of the full sized system. Features include network ready connectivity, bar code ready, provides unlimited recipe management, password protected access, data logging, diagnostics mode, and more. The operator interface is a simple 5 button arrangement as shown above.
Spin Coaters
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