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HMDS Vapor Prime Oven
The adhesion of photoresist to the substrate (wafer) has long been a major "care about" in the photolithography area. To address this issue, most FABs deploy an adhesion promotion step prior to spin coating their wafers with resist. The most common and widely accepted adhesion promoter is HMDS (hexamethyldisilizane).

Less sophisticated methods of applying HMDS to the wafer include spray on, batch submersion, or batch HMDS Vapor Prime oven methods. More sophisticated factories must use automated single wafer HMDS modules incorporated into their CoaterDeveloper Tracks.

For users with coater tracks that lack an integrated HMDS adhesion module, we offer a stand alone HMDS vacuum bake system. Our system includes a fully automated wafer handler. Added benefits include the accuracy of a single wafer process environment combined with PC driven process recipes.

Why settle for a hand loaded batch oven for HMDS when this fully automated single wafer version is available at the same cost.
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